Intake Vents.

Durable, beautiful color-blended line of shingles. The widest aray of colors to suit any trim, stucco or siding color. Manufactured with self-sealing adhesive strips and a wide nailing zone, larger than competitors for ease of installation so your roofing job is complete in no time.

Synthetic Underlayment

Tri CIty Builders llc ​is a 5 STAR Certified CERTAINTEED Select ShingleMaster, program designed for the top-notch professional roofers, With Enhanced ability to give superior value to our customers and offering SureStart PLUS extended warranty coverage.

Say goodbye to traditional asphalt saturated felt paper - Break free from felt™ with RhinoRoof® U15 synthetic roofing underlayment!

RhinoRoof U15 is a highly engineered, mechanically attached, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. RhinoRoof's durable and high strength design along with its fiber grip walking surface provides a considerable improvement over asphalt saturated felt. Its fiber grip textured walking surface can also be chalked just like felt.

Meets ASTM D4869 & D226 Types I & II
Fiber grip slip-resistant walking surface
Enhanced UV - 60 days exposure
25 x stronger than 15 lb felt
6 squares more per roll compared to 15 lb felt
17% more coverage per lap (42” width as compared to 36” for felt)
Ease of installation – wider, lighter, more coverage per lap
Synthetic construction inert to mold growth
Lays flat and does not absorb water and wrinkle
No oil leaching - no hazardous material content
Class A Fire - ASTM E108 (as part of a system)
Contributes to LEED® points
Texas Department of Insurance
Advanced backside non-slip coating
Low temperature flexibility

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Underlayment is used under asphalt shingles for a variety of reasons, such as providing:

backup for water-shedding protection of the deck if shingles fail from wind-driven rain. The lower the slope, the more important underlayment is, since water flows more easily under shingles on low slopes.
a protective barrier to the elements between the time the old shingles have been torn off and prior to the new shingle being applied.
an agent to hide minor imperfections of the decking material and reduce "picture framing" of deck panels.
fire ratings (Class A) when used in conjunction with shingles.

CertainTeed Intake Vent

CertainTeed Intake Vent provides continuous intake airflow at the roof's edge and provides proper intake ventilation for homes with little or no overhang.  It's a roof-top installed, shingle-over intake vent that can be used to supplement existing soffit or undereave vents.  CertainTeed Ridge Vent combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent, are the most efficient and effective systems you can install.

Easily installs on the roof's edge
Roof-top installation eliminates overhead with soffits and undereaves
Located tabs on the underside of the CertainTeed Intake Vent assist with positioning the vent over the slot
Co-polymer construction​

NEW FOR 2016

Certified Local Roofing Contractor


High Performance Synthetic Underlayment

CertainTeed’s DiamondDeck™ High Performance Synthetic Underlayment is manufactured to provide best-in-class performance in terms of both weather protection and contractor safety.
DiamondDeck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment that can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing. It has exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment.
Felt underlayment can wrinkle when it becomes wet and “telegraph” those wrinkles through to the shingles applied over it. DiamondDeck eliminates this problem and its special top surface treatment provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.
Features and Benefits

Lightweight – Easy to work with and carry
Excellent 6-month UV stability – Finish roof when you are ready
Excellent tear resistance – Durability, reduced puncture risk
Superior wet/dry traction – Work faster and safer
Cool gray surface color – More comfortable working environmentType your paragraph here.


Applying a roof system correctly is essential to the warranty and performance of the roof. Tri city builders roofing uses swift starts on all there roofs Precision sealant for proper sealing at the eaves  Giving you a  Manufacturer warranty from wind up to 110 mph with landmark and 130 with Pro Shingles.

Landmark PRO is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category, keeping you comfortable, your home protected, and your peace-of-mind intact for years to come with a transferable warranty that's a leader in the industry. 
With Max Def colors, a new dimension is added to shingles with a richer mixture of surface granules.  You get a brighter, more vibrant, more dramatic appearance and depth of color.  And the natural beauty of your roof shines through.

Aluminum Slant Back Roof Exhaust Vent

Available in black, brown, weathered wood and gray, these slant back static roof vents are an excellent performer against weather infiltration, especially on steep-slope roofs.
Our one-piece construction reduces any possibility of leaks as well as reduces the change of the unit coming apart.  Our unit has a distinct advantage as our base and collar is one-piece of material where others are rolled formed together.

NEW FOR 2016.

Exhaust Vent

Starter course Shingles

CertainTeed Ridge Vent - 12" FilteredDesigned with internal weather filter and external baffles, CertainTeed® Ridge Vent filtered proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined.  Less than an inch in height, this molded, high-impact copolymer shingle-over ridge vent permits capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof.
CertainTeed Ridge Vents combined with sufficient intake vents, such as CertainTeed Intake Vent, are the most efficient and effective systems you can install. 

Available with and without nails
Works year-round to ventilate the attic
Provides evenly distributed ventilation along the entire underside of the roof
Slim design for visual appeal
Provides a higher volume of airflow per square foot of attic area than any other fixed-vent system
Design maximizes airflow across the entire underside of roof sheathing
Changes in wind direction have no significant effect on vent performance
Wind driven rain resistant to 110 MPH


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16" x 8" Aluminum Undereave Vent, White, 56 SQIN Of Net Free Area Per Piece, To Be Used In The Soffit To Provide Intake Air For The Attic Space To Feed Exhaust Vents

         Tri CIty Builders Is a Certified  Roofing Contractor offering a wide array of residential

Roofing shingle options with profiles that are as beautiful as they are durable.  Our designer, luxury and traditional shingle offerings display the textures, colors and style that today's homeowners demand.